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Bears vs Colts

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Man the Pats lost to the Colts. Good game but they blew it. So on to Miami for the Super Bowl. Bears vs Colts.

OK place your bets. Who will win, why, and do you have plans for the game?

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loved the final play....he just sat down !!!!!!:teatime:
I think I'll have to go with the Bears, even though I don't want to.
Can't route for Peyton "Crybaby" Manning. Looking forward to some funny commercials.
I think Manning is a wimp. I thought the same thing when Brady first started but my opinion of Brady has changed quite a bit.

I can't stand da bears so I will route for crybaby Manning. :bana:
Not routing for either...season over....... Pats gone gone.
Best Moose Or Deer Chili

For what, quish? Chili? Beer? A few books I have read, have recipes for disaster, divorce & roadkill!

Ya just have to specify cause there are some cray's here.:crazy:
But what I want to know is what it has to do with the Bears or the Colts?

Unless of course you are looking for a recipe for winning or losing the Super Bowl.
Hahahah Sorry Got A Little Excited Lol Chili
Planing On Have A Sb Party And Thought You Guys Could Help Out Thanks
Super Bowl party sounds cool. If you want to cook chili try this recipe: :pidu:
Where's the invitation??:pidu:
Now we're a cookin' forum............:roflpmp:
I was rooting for the Bears....they aint the Cubs, ya know.

Sorry to see the Colts win it.:(
Once a bear hunter....always a bear hunter
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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