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Becoming a Guide

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Was wondering what the process is for becoming a guide. I'm an Eagle Scout and have proficient wilderness survival, and compass skills. I would love to guide some fisherman for trout/salmon during the spring time for some supplemental income while I work on the scope company. I always see ads for "guide courses" but I don't want to waste time and money if I'm just going to be learning things I already know.
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The test is basicly three parts. Law knowlwge, Map and compass, and lost persons. With any amount of time studying with a current guide and you will pass with ease.
Thanks for the info. I think I know enough guides that one of them will help me out!
Or you could pay the fee for a guide school and let them give you all the current answers! I sat in on a couple courses and was disgusted with how they were run.
N O T E :: Not all guide schools are like this but you must remember, they are in BUSINESS and if you fail the test they get bad advertising from you. So, it is to their advantage that you pass the course no matter what!

If you fail map & compass, they send you home.
It's really not a question of relearning what you already know, it' s the idea of actually knowing what the state requires for you to become a guide.

I still think the testing board should make the applicant take them out and actually SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW! That way when the Sabattus Guide took his turkey hunters out dressed in orange jump suits (for safety, mind you) He would have failed the test!!!

Good luck Steve, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just call IF&W for your guide packet. There is a fee for it but I think they put it towards your first guide license. 207-287-1000 or 287-8000 shoot, I can't remember...
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Hey Steve, did you get the guide packet yet???
No, not yet. So much to do so little time.
5 years ago i took the test , missed a whole page in fishing and boating!!!! failed it and i have been to busy to retake it... maybe in the future. I have called in a few moose for hunters this past few years and they wanted to pay me after they shot their moose... could not take the the money... My brother wants to get his guide lic. so i guess i will get it with him and guide moose and deer hunters, i have a springer spainial that is a AWSOME partridge flusher and i can take her with my on the mosose hunts for birds.. mfm
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