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Benifit Auction for the Hunters Helping Hunters

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This could be you.....We are once again offering a Female Red Deer Hunt in Maine at Hindsite Red Deer Hunt Preserve . We are working with the Hunters Helping Hunters to aid the Terry Family.

Jon and Kim Finck from Washington Missouri. Jon harvested this 284 lb. female with his bow.

100% of the funds raised are for the Terry Family......100%

Introduction of the Terry Family

Allow me to tell you a little bit about Steven and Deb Terry, who could use a little help. It was just about five years ago when a fella nicknamed "Sterry" logged on to the North American Hunting Club (NAHC) bulletin board and told us how his dog had been killed by a neighbor. One of the newer Life Members "DaGriz" suggested to the board members that maybe we should chip in and help Steven replace his dog. Within a few hours DaGriz (aka Darryl Palmquist) was delivering a wiggly new Labrador pup to the Terrys. That was the beginning of more than a friendship. It was the beginning of building a family that was separate and apart from NAHC; a family of members who would watch each other’s backs, share with one another, pray for one another and partake of each other’s happy times and sad times too. When I first met him a couple of years ago, this Vietnam Veteran stood towering above the rest of us. At around six foot, five inches tall and close to, or better than - 300 pounds, he was a big, friendly cuss who would give you the shirt off of his back. His wife Deb is “cut and dried” country. Neither of them are fancy - just plain, ordinary, salt of the earth "good people." They were both exactly as I had expected - generous and kind-of-heart; they themselves had donated so much of their personal resources to other NAHC members who were suffering financial hardships or personal tragedy. They were always there with a smile and an encouraging word. They steadily developed a reputation for their kindness and earned the respect of the membership without exception. Their generosity becomes obvious when you learn that they are raising their Grandson Nathan taking on (all over again) all of the challenges required of parenting. Steven is a cancer survivor of more than seven years. I think quite likely that this tragic disease strengthened the character and compassion that he and Deb so often exhibit. Well, the cancer has returned and has been diagnosed as terminal. To make matters worse, Steven and Deb have both developed cardiovascular problems that are virtually untreatable. The doctors hold little hope for improvement in Steven's case and are non-committal in Deb's case. Their income is limited to Steven's social security benefits and a few bucks from Deb's job. The doctors have severely limited her activities, so she just can’t work many hours. In short, their family is virtually destitute.

We are putting together an on-line auction, in order to raise funds for this wonderful couple. We are asking for donations, particularly "high value" items that will attract lots of bidders and generate some high bids. The volunteers are accepting no money from funds received. Every dime collected will go directly to the family. If you have anything appropriate for donation please contact one of the group volunteers though e-mail:
[email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected], or call (315) 387-3497.

We also ask that you please post this information to all of the bulletin boards you frequent and in an e-mail this announcement to the friends in your address book. We want to get the word out to as many people as humanly possible.

If you know a "Heavy Hitter" - someone who can afford a large, personal donation or might contribute a high-value item to the auction, please contact that person and explain the Terrys’ situation. We are beyond being bashful. Steve and Deb need all of the help that we can find. It’s about time an act of kindness came full circle - if anyone deserve an effort like this, it is the Terry family.

Thank you for your time and in advance for your support.
From the benefit Board, Richard Worden, Darrel Palmquist, Pat Gross, Chance Shelton, Phill Foreman

Hindsite Hunt Preserve

The hunt must take place in Dec. 2005 or Jan. 2006

There will be two nights lodging included at Christies Camps in Newport Maine.

This is a $700.00 Value

Here is Ralph Jackson aka TwoTails :) with the female he harvested on 1/8/05. He was the high bidder in last years auction.


I had a blast...any one that thinks this is not a real hunt just needs to look at the back ground...I had to thread the needle to get her... it was about 70yds I would guess...I'm telling you these buggers can hide in plain sight...the morning started pretty frist...I was thinking I need a cup of coffee so I poured one and had tken a sip was just about to set it down when I saw the stags I about fell out of my seat and nearly spilled my coffee fumbeling for the one thing I forgat back at the truck...My camera...the lead animal was quite the sight..he was followed by several others with a nubby bringing up the rear...I got a good look at them with the binos...even put the range finder on one...84 evry thing hung back up in the blind and finishe what was left of my now cold partal cup of coffee and saw some movement out in the pines did not see a body but an ear, then a tail, then just the head or shall we say a bit of the head, saw a bunch of pieces of deer on this run but nothing I could ID as a whole deer..they disappeared in the thick stuff..I was watching out the other window when I caugt movement to my right...I turned my head and thee was a nice light colored I turned I hit the ear muffs that should have been on my head and knocked them to the floor..deer gone... she was bigger than the one I shot and a lot closer and in a clear area...but... then I saw more...there were 4 in this group I large female but she was hanging back behind the others in the real thick stuff and I could not see much of her..the one I shot another about the same size and a Male fawn...or at least thats what we dcided it had the start of the mane and just a bit bigger than my female...after the shot I was shaking so bad that I didn't think I would be able to climb down out of the box....THis was the first time I had ever killed any thing with a 7mm Rem mag...the way that deer went down...I'm going to be taking this thing back to ME with me if I can talk the wife into it...That is, if Mark will have me back Thanks again for a most enjoyable weekend..oh BTW, Irvings serves some excelent liver and onions.

Thanks again,
Ralph Jackson aka TwoTails

I will post a link to the Auction as soon as it starts.
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Here is a link to the auction site.....Go to the message board and look for Terry Auction. The bidding has begun. Good luck and I look forward to meeting the winner and 100% of the procedes go to the Terry Family....

Good Luck!

The auction ends on 3/15/05.....That is also my birthday...Big 53 !!!!!!!
The auction winner of our female red deer hunt was Jon Finck from Washington Missouri. Jon and his wife Kim were here last year and they loved the meat and this year have booked another female hunt for Kim.

Good people and I look forward to seeing them again. :lol:

The total auction procedes for the Terry family was nearly $10,000. There were 55 items donted and the auction lasted 15 days.

Good people doing good things ! :lol:
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