Best caliber for new shooters ?

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by aroostookbasser, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. What is the best caliber /gun combination for a new shooter?
    Rifle and Handgun?
  2. Are you talking for deer hunting? Or just plinking away. If it's just a youngster you can't beat a .22 to start on. Learning markmenship and gun safety would be the first priority. If you're talking deer hunting maybe a .243 or 30-30 to start with. Though I am not a fan of a .243 for deer hunting it is a great caliber to learn on and a perfect example of, " you'd better hit em where it counts." The 30-30 may be a little more forgiving on less than perfect shots. For a handgun I'd have to stick with the .22 as well. I love my little Browning Buckmark .22 and it's really accurate to boot. By far though, whatever gun they choose the first priority is gun safety and knowning every aspect of that particular gun and exactly how to use it properly. When my nephew was 8 I started to take him in the woods with a toy gun. We practiced gun safety every step of the way. Anytime that little wooden gun would be moved in an unsafe mannor I'd take it away and we'd walk straight out of the woods. He eventually moved up to a red rider, unloaded, to a air gun loaded to a .22. Now he's 12 and people can't believe how discipline he is for such a young hunter.

  3. rossi sells a 22LR/243/20ga singleshot combo with a youth sized stock
  4. BrowningA5 you are a very wise man..........

    I posed the question to see what others thought........ the 22 is the best to learn on and the 30-30 is the best starting deer gun.

    What about handguns?( yes 22's are fun ...but what about defense?)
  5. What do you think of the Beretta sidearm used by our troops?
  6. Funny you mention that because I have one strapped to me right now. Not a bad gun, reliable and shoots pretty straight. I am though, more partial to the colt which we used to have. I am also more partial to the MP-4 I carry as well!
  7. Carbine version of the M16.....5.56mm/500 meter effective range.

    Any one hear when the new upper receivers and modifecations will be done for line units to get the new 6.8 x 44 conversions. Data supports a true improvement to the M16. Without having to go all the way to .308 Nato. The new round would make the M16 shoot a round comparable to a 270 Winchester!