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Which is best for home defense?

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Anyone here ever been to a scene where a shotgun has removed someones head, INSIDE A BUILDING?

Anyone here ever been inside a building or vehical when a .22LR goes off?

Think for a moment, what kind of mess you could create firing a shotgun at a human being inside a room... it is not something you just clean up! It is a TOTAL tear-out and rebuild.

A .22LR pistol or rifle going off inside a building can be deafening and will scare the pi$$ out of anyong in the room, whether you hit them or not!

Jack Ryan got it right. If you have no weapen in your hand when you are attacked (in or outside your home) and your only training has been to defend with a weapon that happens to be under your bed, you are defenseless!

If my wife or child was being attacked, there would be no other weapon thought about but what I am typing this message with right now... my hands.
Defense is more a frame of mind than an actual weapon. If the time ever comes that you need to defend, be sure you have programmed your mind to DEFEND AT ALL COSTS!

If you are willing to SAY IT, be willing to DO IT!
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