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Best Turkey Hunt

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I am starting to get in the mood for turkeys. What is the best turkey hunting story ya got. Post photo if possible. I want to see how many hard core turkeys hunters are out there.:gitrdone:
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best turkey hunt story hmmmm lets see.ok heres one. i like to film and call turkeys so i get to go alot with other hunters. i had some good birds picked out so i called a close friend to see if he had a bird yet . he said he hadnt and the hunt was on . early the next morning we were set up and the 2 big boys responded right off.we were down over the noll of a field and had the decoys at 20 yds out in front of him. ii was was holed up in the stone wall 5 yards behind the shooter. after about 20 minutes the birds hit the ground and started our way. they were closing fast to my calling . with the camera rollingand focused on the decoysin from the left comes 5 jakes as silent as could be. i knew my partner wouldnt shoot a jake so i just kept sweet talking to the toms. the jakes stood looking at the decoys then at me. all of a sudden i see my partners gun swing left down toward me and i thought those smart old toms were coming in low. i swung the camera to catch the shot and what was coming wasnt a turkey it was a yote and he was closing fast . at about 5 yards i finally had to scream to turn the hungry sob and he turned head over heels and my buddy never got the shot but i did with the cam. the jakes and the toms disappeared. we smartened up for the next day and my 1100 went with us and the decoys stayed at the truck. 15 minutes after the 2 big boys flew down we toasted them both. mine weiged 24.5lbs and my partners weighed 22. that NH hunt was fun, but arent they all . then there was the time my 10 year old son shot one with his bow. ill save that for another time. strings
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I want the 10 year old with a bow story.....and some photos please.

That was an awsome tale. I think more yotes get whacked in the spring than in that fall. They sure do like turkey dinner.
hey chris i guess theres no avid turkey hunters up here in maine. LOL. i love the sport all my kids grew up wacking turkeys in NH and even an ex wife. she really is a turkey nut. i still go down and hunt with her and the kids. the thrill for me is the calling and the filming but i still wack one now and again. don
If you like filming, come down my way. I'll put a camera in your hands. LOL
I don't have any turkey stories yet. That will change this year though. I'm going to go out this upcoming season. Been practicing with custom made call I received. Will start scouting this month as I've learned where the hens are in March they will be in May. And like most male species, where the ladies are the boys will be too....
Good luck Norm, be careful it can become an addiction.
I havn't even taken to the woods after that long bearded tom and I think I'm already there Chris....
good luck norm,i guarantee that once you hear those toms gobbling there fool heads off and tip one over you will be hooked for sure. don
chris i may just take you up on that camera thing. was building some box calls this week and it started to get my blood going already. don
Well I am just down the road from you, come over for a cold one and lets try out the new calls.
you build your own......... hhhhmmmm..........
Seems everyone in the world is handy but me.
AB, i also build custom trout nets. would you be interested in trading some flies for nets? i just started the net thing last year and gave them to kids ,fire depts. for their annual fund raising and the national wild turkey federation for there banquets. i figure if you wanted to do some trading i would donate the flies to one of those groups with your name as donor and maybe you might do the same with the nets. just a thought im a giver not a taker and really love to see, espesically the kids getting things.
hey chris, i would be interested in donating a few box calls if you would like to try them? im making cherry ,curly maple, birds eye maple right now but will make some ash,and walnut soon. im thinking of making some small ones to fit the kids hands also they love using calls of all types.
I tell ya what, come over and lets give a few a try. I will provide the refreshments. LOL
Lets do it...... i have a trout Derby coming up in June for area youth..will donate your nets as prizes...Had 124 kids last year!!!!! Pm me with shipping info versa.
ok, I am thinking about a friday night get together tomorow for anyone that might be in the area. Watch some turkeys hunts (pros, not us I promise), try some calls out and BS some stories. Any takers?
To make a long story short, I had 2 nice toms and a bunch of nags commin in 3 years ago, and suddenly the birds busted out, I never mooved a muscle, couldnt understand what was up, I heard a faint snap to my right behind me, a young bobcat was looking me over at about 25 yards, as soon as I saw it, it tore outta there like his tail was on fire!!
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