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Beware of AHSA

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I recently read an interesting article in HAWKEYE New Hampshire's hunting and fishing news publication about the American Hunters and Shooters Association. It seems that the anti's have a foundation aimed at tricking the sportsmen into joining this group to help them end our way of life. Just to let you know the quality of this group Bob Ricker is their Executive Director who is a former NRA employee that switched sides. Maybe Tom can find out some more information about this group and help fill in some gaps.
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I've actually blogged about this group a few times. Link here.
That link will get you started. From there there are links to other blogs and references along with a link to the AHSA website.

As near as anyone can tell, stweedie is correct. The two founders are formers. As Steve said one, Ricker, is a former NRA lobbyist and the other, John Rosenthal, was co-founder of Stop Gun Violence. He hails from Boston, of course the anti-gun capital of the world, and is a real estate developer.

They paint themselves as pro-2nd Amendment but from a more moderate position - whatever the hell that means. They believe that we should be able to own guns BUT, we need restrictions and limitations etc. including assault weapons ban.

It should be pointed out for those that aren't aware. The anti-gun and animal rights groups have taken on a new costume, if you will. This goes even to the halls of Congress. Politicians have figured out they can't win a ticket being against guns. So what they have done is just what AHSA is doing. Pretending to be something they are not just to trick you into supporting them.

I'll give you a hint as to whom they learned this trick from. He has a nickname "Slick" and his wife is a bonafide walking bitch who would sell her mother to get your gun.

So, we all need to be aware that there are many wolves out there now in sheep's clothing. Make sure you know who you are supporting.
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kenton6 said:
It should be pointed out for those that aren't aware. The anti-gun and animal rights groups have taken on a new costume, if you will. This goes even to the halls of Congress.
This is all thanks to the NRA which has chosen to hinge their arguement for the 2nd ammendment on hunting heritage figuring it would be less controversial than saying that the founders wanted us to posess ARMS (not just guns) to be able to remove the government sort of the ultimate power check. The reason animal rights groups are in existence is to further the end game of organization like the Brady Campaign and the U.S. government. By focusing on magazine capacity and and cosmetic features like bayonet lugs they are able to defeat the NRA in a debate over possesion of so called assault weapons which they and the government state have "no sporting purpose".
I agree with you Ithaca in that this is one aspect where the actions of the NRA has actually backfired. When they opted to use hunting heritage as the reason for people to be able to keep and bear arms, it was a mistake. The challenge should have always been focused on the Constitution.

This is the same bullpucky we are getting from the hunting crowd trying to appease the anti-gun animal rights slugs. They use arguments like, hunting is better for animals than letting disease and/or starvation get them. The list goes on.

I want to see hunters stand up with some backbone and say that it is what I like to do - period. I don't need to explain to anyone why I hunt. Why do I need to justify my actions with some animal rights group? I don't ask of someone who likes to run or ride a bicycle for enjoyment why they do it or can they justify it.
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