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Bigger bucks in the North?

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Go over to the Black Bear Blog and read this story if you want to read some record numbers for size of whitetails.
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Oh man! If I saw a 402 pound whitetail, I think I would flip out! After I shot him of course!
I think I'll go get me one of those this year. :mrgreen:
As interesting as it is, I think I still prefer a big rack to a big bodied animal.
Big rack is nice, big body makes for tall tales, but I like the good taste. Sometimes it doesn't matter the size or the sex, the taste can be awesome and it can be bad.
I can hear it now. "Man, I got the best tasting deer last year. And it had a tenderness factor or 6. How tender was yours?"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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