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Published Traditional Muzzleloading author Bill Sanders and his 20 point stag he harvested on 10/28/05.

The first one is his first shot from a brush blind.............. Behind that smoke is a stag at 40 yards.Bill made a good forequarter shot that took out one lung. The stag went down hard but was up and gone in an instant.

The second is his re-load..........We blood trailed the stag until he disappeared into a thick jack fir thicket. We figured that he was likely to cross a nearby tote-road.

The Third is his second shot from the tote road......We backed off and repositioned ourselves on that tote road when the stag broke cover and began to run straight away from us. Bill took aim and made a dificult neck shot on his trophy. I was lucky to get this picture and was pleased to see how well the billow of smoke came out

The Forth is where the stag went down.

Here are a few words from Bill Sanders:

After hunting at Hindsite Preserve with my flint lock for Red Stag, I can say that I reccomend this hunt to any Black Powder hunter who wants a thrilling time , with a top notch outfitter in beautiful surroundings. The Qaulity of the Animals I saw and the one I bagged speaks for itself. The cabin on the lake was specatacular and the service by the guide .Bob and Mark was first rate. Do yourself a favor and book this hunt !

Bill Sanders
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