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Black bear hunt

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I just received some highly sought after spots on a great downeast Maine black bear hunt. Wouldn't you know it; I had 6 hunters earlier begging for a spot on this hunt when we didn't have anymore permits available at that time. This is one of our best black bear outfitters to boot and Maine is having a black bear spring season for the first time since 1981 and this outfitter has acquired the rights to hold their spring black bear hunts on a certain Indian reservation in Maine that is of very high quality for black bear hunts. This will be a very high success ratio black bear hunt. They have 4 permits available; 2 permits for May 14-21 and 2 permits for May 21-28. Fully guided packages as described on our website. $2000 each Let me know if you have any interests. Call toll free: 1-877-647-9926 or email us at [email protected] God Bless.
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