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Listen to the whining going on all the way from FLA!
I've been in the woods every day now for a month cutting wood and have no problem with the Black Blood Sucking Flies. Ticks are everywhere though!

As a matter of fact I got a good shot on a Tom-Turkey today, 'bout the size of a C-130 Herculies with a 10 guage Subaru. Cleaned the $126. electric side view mirror right off. When I looked out the right-side view mirror I saw the bird of destruction firing all eight J.A.T.O. rocket bottles to gain altitude!
When I looked again (for the mirror this time) there was nothing I could do but keep driving because I didn't have a broom & dustpan to sweep up the 115 pieces left from the impact.

Now the wife won't let me drive her car anymore and says I'll have to walk until my Toyota is fixed.

No, the flies aren't that bad yet, Tom and the good news is the dragonflies are allready working on the black-fly population!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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