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We now have a feed for our blog we are running over at Maine Hunting Today's blog. We have been updating the blog several times a day with new information we feel is pertinent to hunting, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are interested in placing our feed on your own website site just let us know by sending me an email. It will update automatically so there is no maintenaince you need to do.

The great thing about the feed on your site is your visitors that come to your site can always have new material to look at with things happening in the news. The feed is free.

Every time we update our blog so will your site. It will also be our bandwidth and not yours so you won't have any added bandwidth issues.

You will get the titles and link to the last 5 blog entries we do and roughly a 20 word teaser.

If anybody wants something different there is the possiblility to customize. I can always help with the webmaster stuff if you are having difficulty adding it but it is as simple as copy and pasting the code onto your page wherever you want it.

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