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Bow and Arrow Turkey Hunters

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I see where Maine has opened or is proposing a season around the Columbus Day week strictly for bow hunters. If I understand the rule change, if you already have an archery license, you can obtain a turkey permit for one turkey either sex any size.
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recurve turkey kill

I shot a nice gobbler this past spring with my Black Widow Recurve, it's neat turkey hunting with a bow,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck to you Mainers this spring............. :D GA Moose
kenton6 said:
if you already have an archery license, you can obtain a turkey permit for one turkey either sex any size.

Let'see, That will be $17 (?) for the archery license and what is it now $5 or $7 for the turkey permit? Pretty expensive FOWL!
Yeah, you're right. It is! I've been doing some research on license fees nationwide - mind boggling to say the least and there is a trend that needs to be addressed. Your artlcle you submitted about changes that need to be addressed in Maine deals with some of the same issues

The trend I see is Fish and Game Departments all over the U.S. are underfunded - for a number of reasons many that you address MJ. Maine is not all that different than many other states.

So to help offset the shortcomings of budget demands, license fees go up. Some states will require several hundred dollars for big game hunts. They are cow-towing to the rich hunter who would gladly pay those fees. It really is hurting the average guy.

To add one thing to your list of things to help save money would be to have a Constitutional Amendment declare Maine's hunting and fishing heritage. This can be done to ensure that groups like PETA and HSUS can come in a deplete our coffers to fight their foolishness.

I have contacted some lawmakers in Maine about what would be involved in getting this accomplished and noone has returned my inquiry. Onward and upward. I'll keep hunting till I find someone.
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Try the university of maine or any new england law school. Students have time to research!
Can you believe half the reason I got my bow was so I can shoot a turkey every fall. Which is really cool since we have turkeys in Aroostook County..
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