Boy Scouts to add Hunting Merit Badge with one catch.

Discussion in 'Welcome Mat and Lounge' started by Moose, Apr 26, 2004.

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    The sign of the times! Isn't it time to say to hell with being politically correct and stand up for what you know is right? All this crap angers me! The world will soon been full of nothing but sissies and liberals who all they want to do is whine and cry! Don't get me started here, so I'm out of here.

  3. Do you get an extra merit badge if the pic is the kid WITH his trophy!!
  4. Maybe if they can get a picture of the boy practicing his knots around the trophy's neck. :lol:

    BTW: Welcome to the board Coz :D
  5. That is rediculous! I am disapointed that the Boy Scouts would give in to the PETA wackjobs after they stood up and banned homosexuals. It is a shame that what was a respectable organization that that taught worthwhile skills has become yet another victim of spineless leadership. :D
  6. Agreed!

    Somebody needs to start stepping up to the plate and fighting for what is right. Soon the boy scouts won't be allowed to start a fire because they might get smoke in their eyes. :roll: