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I think a lot of us are breathing a bit easier today than at this same time yesterday. I know I am.
First the Bear Referendum: It was close but when the votes came in from the rural areas, the informed won. Let's keep up the good work to preserve our heritage and work toward making all hunting better and more widely excepted. We can start by taking a son or daughter, niece or nephew or a neighbors kid out into the woods.

Second, the Presidential Election: I refrained from bringing politics to this site as much as I could - only those issues pertaining to hunting and the outdoors even though we don't prohibit such debate.
I am breathing better today knowing that John Kerry is not our President. There are many reasons of which I will not bore you with all of them that I am sure you have heard many times before.
What I am happiest about was our biased and manipulative media discovered that morals played an extensive roll in the re-election of George Bush. There were many important issues and that one ranked right up there.
It seems the conservative thinker, one of moral beliefs, stood up for what they believe important and went to the polls and voted. Today, the majority of American voters said, "We need to stay on a path of good values and it is important to me, my family and their future."
Enough said, and it is time to move on. Thanks.
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