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Brook Fishin for Brookies

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When I was a kid, we fished out every brook within a 10 mile radius of where we lived in the E. Bethel area. Anywhere we could reach on our bicycles was fair game. My mother used to love it when us 4 brothers came home with a bread bag chuck-a-block full of pan fry brook trout 6-8 inches long.

Roll them in corn meal - yum yum

I don't think kids fish like that anymore. I do believe there are miles of water that can be fished that way today and you'd never see an soul.
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Up here we still do it the old fashion way...... i just ate my last trout a week ago. Time to go brook fishing again huh?
Yep Tom, you bring back some fond memories!
I grew up bass fishing in the late 60's and early 70's. I did the travel by bike thing and the only fish I kept was striped bass. I'd have a stringer of 8 or 9 big 'schoolies' slung over my back riding back from New Meadows on my bike!
The large and smallmouth all went back.

Anyplace bigger than a puddle wasn't safe from me throwing a line into! My Dad's friends used to ask him, "Chuck, don't that kid of yours know there aint no fish in the Kennebec in the winter?" The old man always told them "he's only fishing, he's just not catching this time of the year!" We used to fish just to be fishing!

Kids nowadays are much less mobile unless it's in Moms mini-van.

**""we fished out every brook within a 10 mile radius""**

Remember the poster at IF&W Tom, "gee mister, will there be any left when I grow up?" *grin*
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