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-8 below last night here in Bangor. Been snowing all day long...

I knew it would catch up with us having such a mild winter. I kept telling myself come March we'll be shoveling and pushing snow around in the freezing cold. You know... I haven't shoveled my drive-way all winter and this morning I came close to it. The only reason I didn't shovel it out was because I didn't want to break my streak, plus those of us who know and understand Maine, next week it will be sunny and 65...

Wouldn't want to push snow around if it is just going to melt in a few days. :roll:
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Awww, quit yer bellyachin' ya sissy!

Don't you know why we have this cold? Cause the air is cleaner and the outastatahs don't want to live here cause of it! I think we could use a cold snap like this in June, July and August. -10 in July, WOO HOO!

I love this stuff.
Actually you talk a lot of sense. Keep them outastatahs stayin outta state...

Keeps kenton6 out of the state which is a good thing...
You got it right about the outtah statahs. My mother-in-law lectures me almost daily because I don't wear a coat down here in Southern New Hampshire and MA. I keep telling them I'm just so much closer to the equator than I'm used to being. I just found out that winter isn't the best time to convince my wife to move up to Maine.
Yea, winter can be brutal. We lucked out this season though. Anywhere between June and September is the best time to do the convincing! :wink:
Actually my winter hasn't been too bad. I think one morning it got pretty darn close to 32 degrees.
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