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  1. Body armor / bullet proof vest?

    I have seen on ebay an cheeperthendirt.com Level 3 grade used german police vests, i am a collector of everything military but if i am going to drop 200 on some armor i wanna get the best one what is the best vest to buy for your money, how good is the police german one compared to others???
  2. Body armor has a life span/warranty of 5 years from date of manufacture to the officer.

    http://njlawman.com/Feature%20Pieces/Body%20Armor.htm This will explain the levels of the armor.

    I use my old expired body armor panels to catch field point arrows. I have a couple of inches of foam rubber in front of the panel to hold the arrow in place (prevent bounce off). Duct tape and old shirts hold it all together. I did file the little bit of a point semi-flat to make it easier for the fabric to stop the arrows. A RAZOR BROADHEAD WOULD DESTROY THE PANEL.

    Another catcher I made has an old IIIa panel; with rubber garden mulch about 6" behind and 3" in front. This all placed inside a 5 gallon bucket. This catched my black powder bullets so I can save and recast into 58 caliber Mini Ball. The 6" of mulch behind the panel acts as a cushion to absorb the impact. This panel has been hit over 100 times and nothing penetrated the first layer of kevlar fabric yet. Due to the soft lead and bullet design it never will. The panel is designed to stop most pistol rounds; A RIFLE ROUND LIKE A 30-06 150 GRAIN SOFT POINT WOULD EXIT OUT THE BACK OF THIS BULLET STOP LIKE IT WASN'T EVEN THERE.

    sometimes for fun, we will destroy an agent's expired armor panels with whatever we/I have handy. 7.62 NATO Tracers zip right through...
    The most damage to the fabric is from bullets that expand the most like Hornady VMax. I've blown 3/4" holes through one side of a IIIa panel with 58 grain 243 VMAX.
    We got a manequin once and put armor on him. I felt sorry for him after shooting 5, 12 GA rifled slugs center mass. We had to prop him up after each shot. The vest stopped every slug but the armor ripped out his chest and back in the process. It would be like taking a sledge hammer to the chest---not recommended but fun to watch.
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