Can anybody tell me what DU and Ruffed Grouse Society do?

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  1. Hey Guys: (and Gals?)

    Can anyone tell why I should join either organization? What are they doing in Maine other than bilking Hunters and Sportsman of millions? Oh, they may have given some of it to politicians.......but where did it go? $100.00 a plate or more banquets.........and how do they help wildlife?
  2. Guess I got my answer........thanks.

    Note to self: Don't send checks to DU or Ruffed Grouse Society........

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  4. I was a member but did not renew it this year. Like you said what have they done for us lately?
  5. They spend alot of money on glitzy TV spots to get you to join and do the Sportsman shows..........but what are they doing??????

    I contacted The Ruffed Grouse Society to form a chapter.............all they cared about was how soon could I set up a Banquet and raise funds!!!! When I asked particulars about what members got for joining........a patch/brochure and a sticker for too much cash. Chapters were free to do long as they had a banquet at least once per year.
  6. they have banquets. thats all ive heard them do here