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Can I eat your bear?

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Are you a hunter of bears... do you just want the hide to prize? Or are you like me.. an eater of bears? Don't waste the meat...... give it away !!!
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I will eat it in the fall, but if you want my spring bear, its all yours. My favorite bear is a smoked shoulder steak or a roast in the crock pot.....mmmmmmm.
I'd rather take a couple hundred bucks for the hide, claws, and gall-bladder after a few pictures and keep the meat.
Me 2 Stweede........ and Cobbet.... yes I'll take you up on the spring bear.... we can talk later.... Pm me!!:teatime:
I agree, our bears out here are better in the fall, but, we still eat our spring bears. We make a lot of brats out of them in the spring!
I just love the meat..Spring bears are great for jerky and roasts. JUST DON'T WASTE THE MEAT !!!!!!
Personally, I would take bear over deer, but not moose. I do love the meat, but if you know someone who would benefit from it more than I, let me know. Have no problem donating.
I have looked into this before (donating meat), not only for myself, but I have some friends who shoot bear just to shoot bear and get a mount. this does not settle well with me, and if I could find a place for that meat to go, then great. I also know people who will give half a deer or half a moose away just so they are not stuck with all that meat. I am wide open to ideas aroostookbasser. just let me know what do. God Bless.
We eat all of our blacks as far as I'm concerned it don't get any better than black bear, except Dall Sheep and they are few and far between.
Hey Chuck, do you ever eat Grizz? Ha Ha Ha

I tried once back in 2003 but the damn thing always tasted like ROTTEN FISH!;)
Hey davidlt89, starting chapter of FHFH in Houlton.....just waiting church acceptance/sponsorship.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry.......... watch the papers!!!! But Pm me if you know someone who wants to donate. Looking for hunters to sign up for regular donation and will put together a fact filled meeting to get people informed on whats going on. Ideally we would have a donor drop off an animal for butchering at an approved butcher. Eliminating liability issues and insuring USDA certification of meat going out to the public.

Need more info? Email me at: [email protected]

Hey Chuck, do you ever eat Grizz? Ha Ha Ha

I tried once back in 2003 but the damn thing always tasted like ROTTEN FISH!;)
You ate a fish eater? Bad deal if you get the ones that are away from the salmon streams their aren't so bad. Griz from the interior are kind of dull tasting. Berry patch blacks are the best.
This one was just outside Trapper Creek, AK, near Petersville ghost town. Gave it to a local, self defense shooting!
You're right, blueberry blacks are very good. Hoping to get back there in a year or so.
If you want blackys come on out to unit 16 we got running out our ear, ADFG says we have something like 3000 out here.
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