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Candidates for Governor

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I am still waiting on responses from Green Party candidate LaMarche.

Thoughout this campaign, I will periodically refresh the posts I made about each candidate.

My intentions once I have all four candidates responses is to make comment on each candidate seperately. From here, Maine Hunting Today may elect to announce support for one of them.
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I am still waiting on Green Party candidate Pat LaMarche. It is my intention to dissect the answers each candidate gives question by question. I look forward to everyone's participation.
As you may well know, I didn't wait for LaMarche. I will probably die an old man before I get a response.

I have been working on analyzing the responses from each of the candidates question by question.
Question one here

Question two here

I hope you are reading it and will offer some feedback. Candidate Merrill has solicited ideas from our readers. Has anybody offered up any that they are willing to share?
Tom, are you going to be available to step into the Commisioners position? Better move back to Maine, quick!
I'm afraid I wouldn't succeed at that unless you were Governor! I think we are a bit to radical and would rock too many boats. I'm not much of a "politician".
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