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  1. MFDC1828.JPG MFDC1828.JPG Just went out and checked one of my cams, this cat was only about 150 feet from the house.
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  2. 10 feet beyond the cat is my trail road and just an hour before I went down with my big tractor, so no issue to this cat as he wasn't bothered by the smells or activities. Wife had walked down the road earlier and mentioned see saw big tracks.
  3. this cat is now working on my bait pile at my house, but a week ago it killed a 100lb doe 20yds from the back of my house in a very small patch of woods with another neighbor right in back of that. the doe was healthy and you could see where the cat had hold of it's throat. I could not believe it when I saw it. cat season is not till the 1st of December, then if it comes out in daylight it's a goner, and this one as you see with yours, it's not bothered by daylight. just shows they can take down a healthy deer any time they want, shows again the importance of predator hunting

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  4. Once they get used to being around the houses, not much bothers them. Our dogs are behind fences and every couple of days they light up and I expect the cat is close.
    Most of the follow up pics of the cat are during the daytime. Suspect a big male and he has no problems using my wood roads as his travel corridor. Ditto on Dec. 1.
  5. Get you one of these set up, turn on red and set you some bait under it and play watch dog. I do that but with a call for bobcats/fox/coyotes and have had good luck. Would be neat to harvest one of those!! Red Eye Cover.png
  6. I've seen lots of bobcats in Ga during my 62 years living and hunting there. Most I saw while I was deer hunting. I killed two cats way back in the 1960s with a muzzleloader but didn't shoot any of them since then.

    Here in Va. a couple of years ago, a bobcat was stalking a woman in the Blue Ridge not far from our town. She was with a male companion. When the cat attacked her companion saw it and fought it off. But it was a pyrrhic victory at best. He might as well have been juggling chainsaws!
  7. That's crazy! I've never heard of a bobcat stalking a person, I know mountain lions have been known to do that though. What exactly do you mean by a male companion? She had a male dog or cat or boyfriend or what?
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  8. I hadn't ever heard of it before, either. I do know a couple of cases where a hunter in a tree stand accidentally, and unknowingly, shared the tree with a bobcat. They were clawed up pretty good but it was from the cat simply trying to escape rather than any intent.