Changes in Non Resident Moose Lottery

Discussion in 'Maine Moose Hunting' started by Moose, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Moose


    Is anyone upset about the changes besides me? What is the purpose of building up bonus points each year if anyone can submit as many chances as they want? This will make the moose hunt even more a rich man's game. What do others think?
  2. kenton6

    kenton6 Administrator

    Oh I think I agree with you Moose. Maybe have to take a wait and see approach to this but it could very well do that. That would be a shame. One thing I have always loved about hunting and fishing in Maine - anyone can do it even if they don't have any money. There's always room to hunt in the woods and fish in the lakes and streams.
    Too many times the politicians cave in to the pressures of "money" to make changes. We'll have to see. Do you know of any other states that do anything similar to this for comparison?