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Cheney Hunting Accident

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Everyone else is being judge and jury on this accident. So we might as well as add our two cents worth.

Bottom line - Cheney is responsible when he pulls the trigger. Extenuating cirumstances? Perhaps but I'll hold judgement until the facts are in.

Incidently, Whittington has suffered a minor heart attack because bird shot lodged in him moved to his heart. He is being monitored.

I am sure Cheney must feel like a piece of crap over this whole ordeal - wouldn't you?
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I don't think I'll ever hunt in Texas! To me it is unacceptable. Bird shot or not you always know where everyone is and your surroundings. I passed a shot on a nice buck once because I knew my buddy was supposed to be somewhere behind the deer. Even though he was out of sight it wasn't worth the risk.
good answer. This afternoon Cheney interviewed with Brit Hume of Fox News and said he and he alone is responsible for pulling the trigger that resulted in peppering his friend with bird shot. He says it was one of the worst days of his life - and he's had some bad days.
Judge says to Dick, "shooting a lawyer in Texas is a $10 fine. Pay the clerk!"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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