Chicken Killer !!!!!!!

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  1. I caught this weasel in January . He killed six chickens before I caught him. They are extremely bold, this one was eating meat from my hand and finished the entire piece. He would have eaten the finger off my hand if I let him. It's a good thing these things are no bigger than they are. If one of these critters was as big as a dog and fought with a dog, the dog would die !!!!!!

  2. Hi Mark, you're right! They are vicious little creatures. I watched Marty Stouffers Wild America videos and they had filmed a weasel and coyote going at it and the weasel was nipping the yotes tail ... then his nose from inside a hollow log. What a trip to watch!

    Great photo.

  3. If they were as big as a couger, we'd all better look out :eek: :roll: :shock: :mad:..... [​IMG] ......Run like heck !!!!!!!!!!
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    Is that your picture? Wow, what a spectacular shot - I mean with a camera!
  5. I would like to take credit for the shot, however I found it via a google search.