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clarification of some laws

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i just need a little clarification on a couple laws.

"*4. Raccoon hunting.* Raccoons may be hunted at night during the open season only when the hunter is: a) accompanied by a dog; b) uses an electric flashlight to locate raccoons that are treed, or held at bay, by a dog or dogs, and; c) uses a rifle or handgun of no greater power than one which uses .22 caliber long rifle ammunition; said rifle to be loaded only when being used to dispatch a raccoon that is treed or held at bay by dogs."
>does this mean you need all 3 (dog, lights, 22LR)to hunt '**** at night?

*"6**. Shooting from a motor vehicle or motorboat or possessing a loaded **firearm in or on a motor vehicle.* It is unlawful to shoot while in or on a motor vehicle or motorboat or have a loaded firearm while in or on a motor vehicle, trailer, or other type of vehicle being hauled by a motor vehicle except as specifically allowed. (*Note: *A loaded clip may be carried in a motor vehicle, but it must not be inserted in, or attached to, a firearm; a muzzle-loading firearm is considered to be loaded ONLY if charged with powder, lead and a primed ignition device or mechanism.)"
>i have seen that people in other state have a tripod type stand(for use when the vehicle is parked) in the back of their truck for hunting Coyote at night. does this law mean i cant do that in maine?
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First question - yes you need all three

Second question - You CANNOT use a tripod or any other device as this still constitutes shooting from a vehicle.
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