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Ok I was just soaking in the bath tub a few minutes ago (bad mental image sorry) and I thought of a nice little contest we can do. The winner gets 2 free months of banner advertising right here on the forums up top. 468x60 pixels with a link back to your website. Don't have a banner? We will even make one for you.

Refer as many people as you can to the forums.

When the person registers there is a place to type in your username. Make sure you have them type in your username to get it to count. If not too bad you lose better luck next time :p

1. Can't have your grandmother come on and register so you can get one extra vote. If she wants to stay and chat then fine. ;)

2. In order to win you have to refer at least 10 people. I am not going to declare the winner with 3 referrals and provide free advertising for that. Got to work a little bit. :cool:

3. 2nd place gets a free month of a 120x60 size logo placed at the bottom of the forums. Must have at least 8 referrals.

That's it.

Deadline.... June 1st 2007.

If you already have a referral then you are one ahead of everybody. Contest starts.... NOW!

Go get 'em! :givebeer:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts