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Could be new state record if anyone can get him.

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Looks well fed to me.
Think I saw this place with you last fall....... huge bear.
Now stweede.... is that a County bear or what?
Sure is. I had a guy telling me about one near P.I. that he said he spotted in an oat field that was standing in a tractor path and he went from one side of the tracks to the other. Said he was an easy 500lb bear.
500 pounds!!! Our real big bears out here in the mountains only get around 300-350! You guys are bear lucky!!
Harvested this one 10 years ago 505#'s
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Gues you could say Aroostook County is just a little bit more than just BEARABLE.
Yes Maine has a non-resident bear tag that you can buy over the counter.
Hey Montana...come over this way sometime.....MG07 is a good choice in abear guide.
Now that is a puss gut, I have some camtracker pics of one near that size, I'll try an dig em up!!
Late feeder, couldnt even get a decent run on him!!


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B.D. Not in the same league. But nice bear. are just being too polite.
MG, I have a pic of the barrel when its standing, a bird or something set off the camera, but you can see a spot on the tree in front of it that lines up with the top of the barrel, that spot is at the height of that bears back in the picture you see. Not as big as the other, but no slouch.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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