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Back to the topic. I would like to ask the question to anyone who can answer it, "Is there any hope of bringing the snare back?"
State is being pressed for some coyote control, but like I said in another post. It'll be so controlled that it will be inefective as was the snaring the last few years. The new program will probably be cable restraint. feds will want a loop so small it's near impossible to get a coyote to stick it's head in. This is whats happening in other states. Only ones catching any numbers are braking the law and using a bigger loop.
State shouild be managing their deer and telling the feds to take a hike like wyoming has on the wolf issue. We've listened for too many years agout the habitat excuse.
"50 coyotes snared in one deer yard" That was Dan Glidden up in Ashland. Dan was at the meeting with the state and later talked to him at the Spotsmans show last weekend. He said he used to have deer, Now all they got is lynx.

This was the spring of 02. 120 coyotes between Bill Harmon and myself. Some trapped, but the majority were snared. Rapid River area. to Byron. After this the coyote hound hunters cried so much the biologists cut us off from all the major deer yards to just one minimal yard near Roxbury pond. Still I managed to take around 30 that last winter.
We both had sold some at the time of the pic. Think there's 80 or so hanging.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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