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Coyote Time!

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Anybody got their coyote baits out yet? Night hunting has begun and we've got a full moon.
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Try 23 roosters sacrificed to the gods of flytying........all ready for the nighthunting. White snow...roosters dangling from branches like socks on a chimney..........Merry CCCCCoyote season!!!!!
Well my brother's fiance is a happy girl now that all of the remains of the deer butchering have been strategically placed to where he can shoot a couple coyotes coming in to check it out. Said when he was dumpind his bear left-overs out he almost lost his breakfast.
Women just don't seem to understand the need.......a few corpses lead to more corpses.
Women just don't seem to understand the need.......a few corpses lead to more corpses.
Hey now! Don't lump us all in one group.
Sorry MW........lost my head there....wife was just _______(complaining) about my bird carcasses in the freezer.:lol2:
I think it's awesome we have a lady hunter here with us. Keeps AB in line :roflpmp:
My wife is still trying to do that........... but MW is all county.....I like that in a woman.........most of the time.:smack:
AB, your bird is better than the bobcat I had shoved in a freezer while waiting for someone to show me how to deal with it. He scared the hell out of a friend one day. I asked her to grab a turkey out of the freezer. "It's in a big white package." We raise our own birds so most everything in the freezer is packaged the same. Unfortunately, the cat was in a white trash bag - whole because I wanted to learn how to skin it and deal with the hide. Ooops. My bad. I knew what happened as soon as I heard the blood curdling scream. She screamed hysterically. I laughed hysterically... It's a wonder she still talks to me.

I showed the cat to my then 7-8 year old nephew. When he asked about the tag I said it was a thermometer. If we let him get too warm she'd come out of hibernation and eat all the food in the freezer...

Kinda makes having a bird in the freezer easier to take, huh?
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MW...your right....can't top a bobcat.

When I was about 13 I took up rabbit hunting........ got really good at sniping 'em with a 22 Marlin. Came back one day and had me two big fat bunnies..skun 'em ...hung the pelts by stretching 'em over the newel posts going upstairs in our front hall.....(countryboy you know.) My boy, put his hand on post without seeing the skins and came running into the kitchen screaming like a little never looked at him the same way again. :D
It's not nice to laugh at the misfortune of others...but sometimes it can't be helped!
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