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Coyotes and such

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Was wondering what kind of luck everyone was having this year, and are you doing better over bait or calling?
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Hey YT, I've right out straight and haven't been in here a lot. I found that the fox in my area have started hunting the marshes around Cobbsee stream and local lakes again.. Next day off I'll be out with the e-caller to see if I can get one to go to sleep!
Keep at it.
I been out on my bait sites around 20 times. I go for 2 hrs until dark. The dogs don,t seem to becoming to bait as as good as last year. I think the lack of snow has something to do with it. Their getting around and catching meals way to easy. I've seen 3 and only got 1 compared to 3 for 10 last year. I used buckshot on them lost one last year. I've been out calling a little bit (nothing). waiting for my foxpro 416 should be here next week :lol:
shooterme welcome to the site. Another one of them western mainers. I grew up in Bethel.

Lack of snow I would assume just makes things "not normal" and so it is hard to pick up on any pattern.
Remington, thanks I look forward to chat'n with every one here. The yotes just arn,t coming good this year I,m already on my 4th bait sight. I usualy put my sights around the deer yards. I usually give my site 3 weeks if not coming good I move on. If we had more snow they would stay around the bait sight more. Thats how those people who use to snare had great sucess because the yotes would have trails(like deer) to and from the bait. I quess i'll pray for some more snow and alittle luck.
The rabbits are all white right now and in my area there is little snow. A white warm meal moving against a brown/gray background is an easy target!
Coyotes seem to be full most of the time. Again, I have had little success this year so you're not alone!
I guess the lack of snow is good for the deer herd. Give 'em a little better chance of out running the yotes. Counted 25 deer between Errol NH and Rangley, ME last week on a business trip. Deer all looked pretty healthy.
We'll I had some luck! I went out to one of my bait sights yesterday on my sled. Its on a lake with guite a few islands. We got a nice 1/2 " of snow in the mornig. I was cruising the coves and found a fresh track going towards a few islands,followed it and saw her run on to a island. I circled it (island - 50yds by 300yd long) few times but it wouldn't come out. I parked the sled at one end of the island walked down the edge about 50 yds and made a couple rabbit squels and with in 15 seconds she walks out of the woods 25 yds in front of me :shock: I give her one in the mid section with #4 buck shot, she drops right there. She was a nice blonde young one maybe 25lbs. :D
Nice going! Did you have a camera?
Was she in good shape or all rubbed from mating?
she was in real nice shape by the size of her not sure if she wasn't only a year old. Does any one knowif they can breed in there first year? I took some pictures but it was hanging in the basement before i skun it. One of these days I try to put some pictures up here of the ones I got over the past 2 years.
I think I was reading somewhere that coyote can breed in their first year but I might have that mixed up with something else.
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