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Crossbow Hunting

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I read an article today about a proposal that is trying to find its way across the Governors desk and into the hands of Maine DIFW about allowing hunting by crossbow.
There are both sides weighing in on this issue and as with anything of this sort, you get to read both ends of the spectrum only to draw your own conclusion somewhere in the middle.
According to some, crossbow hunting could be used to better manage deer herds in confined or populated areas where guns are not practicle.
Verticle bowhunters are complaining that it would increase hunting pressure in what is now being perceived as too busy in the woods during regular archery season.
Then there is always the economics issue. That always seems to be the bandwagon other try to jump on first.
So, what everyones take on crossbows?
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Crossbows - sure why not?

We now have a season.................

:D :D :D
I moved this here to put it in the forum it most closely fits........besides it links to my question about .......what is a crossbow.

I 'ld like to hear back from those who posted that we have a season and crossbows are legal during the firearms season.
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I'm in favor of crossbows... I have one myself.
What are yoiu shooting ...... and what is your effective range?
I'm shooting a Horton Hunter 175# with carbon bolts.

The effective range is no more that an ordinary compound.

The high poundage offsets the short stroke and light bolt.

I very seldom ever shot by compound bow beyond 20 yards , most shots were 10-15 yards.

I probably shoot 30 yards at the most.

My brother shot a 200+ a few years back in NH with his crossbow...(had permit):crutch:

It's a very accurate and deadly close range weapon, it's also a perfect tool for those areas that are teaming with deer...but are close to houses.

Only allowing it to be used during rifle season is a joke , but at least it now can be used.

I think we'll see changes in the near future.
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I agree that useage will expand at some point......remember....Wardens were afraid poaching would take off if they will resist expansion of use all the way. If poaching was their biggest concern they should have made 22 mags illegal on deer.......the word is most poachers use them.... not crossbows. Low report and it's hard to tell direction of shot when you do hear I'm told.
If the Wardens were worried about poaching with a crossbow I'd have to laugh at them.

I'll bet the good ole 22 long rifle has poached more deer than all others combined.

I'd go down and buy a $50-75 semi auto 22 not an $800 crossbow if I was a fixin to do some poaching. LOL
You got it..........
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