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  1. Anybody out there shooting a crossbow this year?

    More importantly...anybody know where I can get the crossbow course?
  2. Here's my crossbow: Leader Accessories LLC resize_00cd26d764551f2f452e2201ae1c1540981f295b20074ba01aaebb89fe8cdaba855d04d9256256.jpg
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  3. Hunting with silencers is legal now. Crossbows are to loud.. LOL
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  4. After loosing my upper body strength to arthritis, the family bought me a Barnett (Brotherhood) just love it.Some features are:7 lbs. anti dry fire mechanism so once you cock & load it, you have to shoot it.
    I went to an indoor archery range and it was like walking in a bar from a different state LOL everyone was lined up with their bows including Friar Tuck with his old school recurve. After the shock wore off, the owner was very helpful in getting me set up.
    He shortened up my cocking string and showed me how to shoot.
    Had to sight in the scope, after about 10 shots I was hitting dead on at 20Yrds. Do plan to take it out this fall for deer. IMG_1464.JPG
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  5. Awesome!!!

    If I hadn't been given the opportunity to buy mine at a 1/5th normal price would never have bought one. Writing reviews on my blog has opened a lot of doors.....and gotten me a lot of cool gear! It all started here at MHF!! Back when the Remington's owned the outfit!

    I plan on hunting with mine too. Next course is in August!
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  7. Took the cross bow up the mountains today, had to locate a target that was in the shed for a few years 6 or 7 ( i used for my bow) this was made of a firm plastic/foam.It was quite windy in the field but I was limited to that spot since we have a picnic bench that I can use for a good stable comfortable shooting seat. I walked off 20-22 yards and anchored it with reflector spikes to hold it in place. mind you this was only the 2nd time I shot it. Already sighted in at 20Yrds. I fired the 1st bolt. I could hear that it hit but could not see the bolt. After firing all 3 I returned to the target to find none of my bolts! It took me a good 10 minutes to find them 10 Yrds. past the target buried in the grass! this thing is a beast!! never expected it to penetrate this target at 20 Yards.
  8. Looking to do a short go pro demo on my Barnett, can it be posted or will the file be too large?
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    What's the file size? I can check. Did you try posting it already?