Crossbows and Woes

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  1. Thanks bud!!!

    Started a new life in Bingham, Maine......stayed off the computers for 9 months! Just had my smart phone. No internet!
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  2. I'm back and will be in here as often as my real life will let me!
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  3. I have the same problem, ra. I can't pull a bow string but a crossbow presents possibilities. All my hunting to date has been with muzzleloaders for couple decades; and actually going back to the mid 1960s. The crossbow sounds to me like a good alternative to bow hunting, which I can't do.
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  4. Great it's been quiet here without you!
  5. Definitely worth the investment, to me it just adds to the challenge of the hunt. Although I haven't tested it's accuracy at long rang (50-60 or more yards.) I am certain that it is capable given how it can penetrate thru a target and deep into the dirt given that the target was meant to stop it! Did you happen to check out my youtube demo?