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  1. Thanks bud!!!

    Started a new life in Bingham, Maine......stayed off the computers for 9 months! Just had my smart phone. No internet!
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  2. I'm back and will be in here as often as my real life will let me!
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  3. I have the same problem, ra. I can't pull a bow string but a crossbow presents possibilities. All my hunting to date has been with muzzleloaders for couple decades; and actually going back to the mid 1960s. The crossbow sounds to me like a good alternative to bow hunting, which I can't do.
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  4. Great it's been quiet here without you!
  5. Definitely worth the investment, to me it just adds to the challenge of the hunt. Although I haven't tested it's accuracy at long rang (50-60 or more yards.) I am certain that it is capable given how it can penetrate thru a target and deep into the dirt given that the target was meant to stop it! Did you happen to check out my youtube demo?
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  6. Not yet; but I certainly will.
  7. Thinking about selling my crossbow...can't find a course to save me!
  8. Don't give up AB, have confidence that you can do it without the course! Plenty of youtube videos to help.Did you get the scope sighted in yet? Once that's done it is just a little practice. Trust me that thing is so accurate just get to know the sight ranges in the scope. I just shot mine at 48 Yards. with just a little sight adjustment to know what line to use and it was on. I just have to buy a target made for the cross bow bolt. As the one I made as a backer for my arrow target stopped the bolt but ruined the fletching when it penetrated thru.
  9. can't hunt with it without course.....shooting it is no issue.
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  10. Tribble


    What do you mean, is it part of the requirements for a permit to have a course finished?