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Where do you get your decoys? I know Cabelas has a good selection.

If your decoys get old do you buy news ones or do you paint them up yourself?
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I buy mine locally when I can. I do fix the paint myself. A set of Deces should last a long time, like 10 or more years. Ive got some that were used in the 60's that still could be used today. I buy the inexpensive kind, under $50 for a dozen, and thats not a whole lot when you think about how many youre getting and how long they should last if theyre taken care of. Duane
Is Brand Name important, or Price? What are the top 5 brands of Decoys?

~Curtis a.k.a New Duck Hunter~ Duck Decoys and Remote Control Decoys
BlackWater Decoys

I have a lot of different makes and types of Decoys.

These RoughRiders from Blackwater are the nicest I have ever seen. The heads swivel into different positions and they ride well in rough waves. I only have six of them and a dozzen of their FUDs Fold up decoys. the FUDS work weel in flat water or mounted on float boards for offshore

Once I get the Sea Duck hunting Charters in full swing I;m going to order a lot more if any of you Guide want to get together and place a big order I;m sure I can get a discount.

Capt Walt
Master Maine Guide
[email protected]

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