Deer Limits for Archery

Discussion in 'Maine Deer Hunting' started by Dirigo, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. I bought a bow the otherday and at the shop, a guy said there is no bag limit on deer during the archery season. is this true?
  2. No bag limit? No I think you are allowed one here in Maine. Somebody correct me if I am wrong..

  3. Yeah, one deer except in expanded archery zones. I think what he meant was there is no limit unless you get caught.
  4. Depending on where you bought it he is right. If you're south of 95, in the Bruswick area you can shoot as many does as you want in the expanded season. Can't remember how much the tags are but you just have to keep buying them. Not sure if the rule will change for this coming year, but that's the way it was in 05
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    I don't foresee that rule changing this year. In some of those places they are getting overrun with deer. The town of wells has a problem and they had to get some of the guys from the MBA to come in and start thinning.

    Aroostookbasser. You could start there and see who there can help ya out.
  6. Kenton6: read your post...thanks.
    The law is that you can have 1 Deer by firearm:1 more deer either sex by Bow: and under the extended archery you can take an extra buck(need tag) and as many does as you want if you buy the tags. Yes VIRGINIA there is a Santa Claus.
  7. is that statewide?
  8. Correction...........The firearms regulations are the traditional 1 deer per year. Bow season added the chance to take a deer of either sex...but only one deer per year if hunt by bow or gun. Statewide......

    Expanded archery changes everything........under the law you can take an extra buck(33.00 tag) and as many does as you want to shoot.......(13.00 per tag) ..........but this is only in the "Expanded Zones".

    Check the law book before you go!!!!!