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Deer photos wanted

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If you have any nice pics of "live" deer taken in the field please send them to [email protected] with your name. We will give all those credit for your pictures.

We will post them at

We are looking to expand our photo album there. :D

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Do they have to be Maine deer or can I send you some photos from NC & TN? I got some nice ones.
Hi Moose... any deer will be great... Maine deer or "Outta Statahs" will be just fine... :lol:
I'll look through what I have, if there are any good ones I'll share them with you.
See my photos are up thats great. Most of those were taken in Smoky Moutain National Park. The twin fawns were visiting my backyard here in Raleigh almost every eve last summer. Hope to have a few more this year. Wife don't want me to hunt them but if big daddy stops by who knows :lol: :roll:
Those are some pretty sharp pictures. What did you shoot them with? Were you really that close to them or did you have a nice zoom lens?

My wife wants me to shoot deer... :lol:

She's thinking of taking up the sport when her job becomes less demanding. I like the idea! :D
I have primarly 2 cameras I use, A canon SLR with a a couple of diffrent lenses and a Fuji digital camera. Most of those photos were taken at close range. The one of the buck eating was taken at about 10ft. If you have never been to Cades Cove in Smokey Mountain National Park its worth it. Animals are use to peopleand no hunting so you can get real close. The photography bug has kind of bit me so I work hard to get real good shots. Still learning but hopefully one day will get some published. One of my latest adventures I was in PA stalking elk with the camera here is a couple of those shots. I spent about 1 1/2 hours with 5 bulls. These are all with my digital I haven't had a chance to get the film ones done yet. By the way most of these shots were taken on public hunting grounds.

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Wow! Those are some real nice pictures. I especially like the first one with his butt staring at the camera.... :lol:

I would have to say you got a good eye. Keep it up and get your name out there. I would like to place some of those on our websites with your name on them if that is something you are willing to do. :D
Yup you can see why the indians called them Wapiti (I've been told it means white butt deer)

Sure I'll let you post some photos give me an idea of what you are interested in. I've shot photos in Orgon, Arizona, Alaska, Maine, Tenn, and NC so I have a lot of diffrent animals and landscapes.

My better alaskan shots are here
Be sure to check the links off this page to the wildlife, moose, bear etc. shots I got.
Thanks for the photos... :D
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