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What are you all using for decoys and how many? I usually shoot over alot of smaller bodies of water and have tried everything from one deke to 100. Alot of days, we take decoys but never set them out as the ducks fly over with just calling. Blue bird days, we just go jump shooting as most ducks are glued to the water.
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Most of the time we hunt small farm ponds and we are mostly hunting geese. So we put out a few full body geese on shore line maybe a couple of floaters and asometimes a pair of mallard decoys as well. We get some ducks but we are mostly after geese. We hunt a swamp for woodies and rarely use decoys. You use the rotating wing decoys at all? We do some just the wind power ones. Snow geese we use the rags and swans we use Big Canadain Geese decoys painted white.
I usually put out less than a dozen but I make sure there are a few Mallards and a couple Wood ducks in the mix.
I also don't put anything farther than 35 yards out, either.
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