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WOW! I am now at my camp in Bethel and for the duration of the summer that I am here, I have only one option for Internet access - Megalink dial-up.

This is a classic case of a lousy stinking business that gets away with it because they have no competition. This service is the absolute worse that I have ever seen.

Here's the deal! I get unlimited dial-up service for $18.95 per month - my DSL in Florida goes for $19.95. Megalink gives you nothing, nada, zippo. In other words, all I get is a connect - well some of the time I can actually get one. They provide no spam protection, no virus protection, NADA - all for the low, low price of $18.95 per month.

I could deal with the slownest of the service and for anyone wondering, I consistently connect at 50.6 kps, it's the error pages and incomplete and blank pages I get every time I attempt to load. It takes several attempts to get a page loaded completely so I can work.

Whoa is me! This is a test of my patience.

BUT, if anything good comes out of this, I now have a better understanding of our market for hunting in the Maine area. I'll leave it at that.

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Call netscape!!! and ask for highspeed dial-up connection.
You could always Try to get hooked up with but I hear it is $60+ per month! OUCH!

Hey, I just remembered . . .
I am told they are the future of highspeed internet access via satellite.
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