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Dick's Sporting Goods 50% Off Ammo

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I went over to Dick's Sporting Goods here in Bangor and they have a good deal on some ammo. They have 50% off a box of Winchesters .30-30 and .30-06. I think they have some others that are 50%...

But here is the rub... it is a mail in rebate. I picked up a box of 30-30s last night and found out it was mail in when I went to pay for it. Thought I would let you all know - so check it out in your area. Sale lasts until Friday.
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Do not buy from Dick's sporting goods. I bought a bunch of this discoutned ammo, but did not recieve the correct rebate. When I asked for the rigth one, they said they couldn't find it. Yeah right, it doesn't exist and the deal is a scam. They suck and owe me $15. That is the last time I buy from them.
The Winchesters I was able to get the right rebate but the woman who handed it to me had to search around for 5 minutes, make a few calls and we came up with the right ones.

As far as the Remington rebates I will take your word for it.
Did you look closely at teh rebate? At first they handed me one, but it was for shotgun ammo, not rifle. Check yours closely.
Hey Ithaca, I did check out the rebate closely and I don't see much in there but shotgun ammo. I am getting fired up now. I am sorry I posted this, but then again now people are aware it must be a scam or Dicks doesn't have knowledgeable employees. One or the other..
Well, nobody knew they were scamming people. However, if you go to the winchester or remington sites you can find, under promotions in the menu, a link to the rebate form. There is actually a deal going on, but don't got o dick's to get your ammo, you can get it anywhere and send in the rebate. Also there is a maximum limit of $5 each box for up to two boxes per name and address, so keep that in mind. In bangor, you can get express core-lokt and/or winchester powerpoint for under $12 at walmart, they want 13.98 at dick's, nomatter where you buy it it is $5 back per box for up to 2 boxes. So you could get a total of 4 boxes if you bought 2 of each brand.

Great help there Ithaca. This is very useful and valuable information for anyone needing ammo. It is this kind of help that makes this forum a valuable resource for hunters and shooters.
Thanks again.
Does anyone know of any other good deals on ammo being offered rigth now? I am always looking to get my hands on more.
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