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Did You miss me?

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Hey guys I'm back!!!!!!! Been lost in the north woods and loving it. Pm me if I have missed much......or just start a post.
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Oh man, wow, I was wondering where you were. Glad to have you back with us. :D
Found religion

Just spent 8 months chasing my dreams in the woods of my beautiful north woods. Didn't have time for computers. Also starting new venture raising and selling feathers for flies. Up to my ears in hackles.
I just figured you stopped in at and liked it there! LOL
yeah we missed ya, but not too much. It has been quiet with JP and others off moderating affiliate state forums.
Kenton6 came up for hunting season. He got a little bambi buck, I heard....*grin*

We found quite a few new members while you were out and some of them seem pretty OK. I think Mainewoods is up your way. She can be mouthy but she's cool.

Anyways, chime in when you can!

p.s. we really did miss you but don't tell anyone. We'll deny it.
I can't seem to place that name!!:laughing:
Also starting new venture raising and selling feathers for flies. Up to my ears in hackles.
If a new rooster takes a second run at me I'm going to clunk him over the head. Can you use all white feathers? He's not meaty enough to make him worth cleaning. I hate to see him go to waste. My husband heads up your way about once a week.
Also starting new venture raising and selling feathers for flies. Up to my ears in hackles.
How do you "raise feathers" anyway? I was going to let it slide but since someone else brought it up.... heh heh.
Raising Feathers

Tried planting them and adding "fertilizer" Jack. But nothing happened so I will have to stick to raising roosters and plucking it off them.
New Rooster

Willing to take any free feathers I can. PM me and I can give you the address. Living in town for now plan on moving to the outskirts in spring. Already have some roosters at a friends place, but want to raise my own birds on my own acres. Trade you white feathers for handtied trout killers.
He was fine today but if he makes another try at me I'll let you know.
Mainewoods.....Hubby or the rooster????? HA HA

A/B, I don't have any white feathers but keep an eye out in Uncle Henry's. They have hens & cocks for free most every week. Good luck!
Just acquired 14 that way ...thanks for thinking of me!!!!
Ohhhhhhh You got me, Jack. I'm usually more careful about how I word things. I generally don't give the hubby a good swift kick when he acts up so let's say it's the rooster, who did a little sideways dance at me this afternoon but stopped himself.
I'm a patient man Mainewoods
You did say he was an all white rooster.......mmmmmm Lefties deceivers.......and Dahlberg divers out the Kazoo. MMMMMMMMMMhhhhhmmmmmm.
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