District 27 -drew for 2016 need recomendations on where moose are

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  1. I,ve never been to Maine before; but drew district 27 for october hunt; any timber company lands(clearcuts); how to access?
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  3. Contact Prentiss and Carlisle.....they are the map makers who map the woods for lumber companies and their maps are essential to hunting north of Bangor!
  4. Kind of a tough zone, but doable- I have lived in the Pembroke area, and in Quoddy Village and in Lamoine, but the first two for not some time. Not a lot of paper land but mostly smaller privately owned tracks if I recall correctly, a few state owned too. I think Google Earth or Bing Map the areas around the lakes along the more northern boarder of the zone, as I've seen many more moose up around route 9 then around route 1, might be a good pre-scouting idea, but I have seen them near the salt- heck saw one walking down the main hill in downtown Eastport one evening (it is Moose Island). That area just East of the Moosehorn use to have a lot of dirt roads and quite a few small lakes and ponds, and I feel there is a reason that the named it The Moosehorn, plus I've seen a few brutes in there. There are some ATV trails up in 27 also if you have access to a couple, and don't rule out getting off the beatin trail and hike a little to find a hidden gem. Good luck!