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Do You Know How Easy We Got It?

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I know sometimes us Mainahs don't get out much but do you guys know how easy we got it so far here in Maine when it comes to deer hunting.
Let's look. We buy a license - maybe have to take a safety course - make sure we hunt after the official start of deer season and quit at sundown the last day. No night hunting. That's bad.
Other than carrying an any deer permit if you are so inclined to apply, that's about it.

Some states are so damned confusing even the officials who make the rules can't keep em straight. In some there are hundreds of zones, each with different laws, dates, bag limits, etc.

Maine is pretty straight forward isn't it?

Okay, Here's what I want you to do. If you hunt in another state or states, tell us what is confusing about it.

Oh, hell, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm always confused. I've been told my oars don't come clean out of the water.
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