Don't be Skittish

Discussion in 'Maine Guides' started by sremington, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Now don't be skittish...

    And I don't mean get rid of your skittah...

    Register up and start posting over at:

    We aren't going to advertise and promote that place for a little while until we know people got the hang of it. Go Register and I will be notified via email and I can come along and give you access to post new material.

    Things to post would be anything you might post here at the forums. It is just a glorified forum in a sense. Post some pics or something simple. I know it is off season but this is the best time to take advantage of it as you have time and come summer people will be searching online to make reservations...

  2. Canerod

    Canerod Guest

    Can I use the same login as I use in the Daily Bag Limit? It would be easier on my ole noodle.

  3. Sure you can go register with the same info... If you need help let me know.
  4. Hey I see you registered. I just promoted your username to start your own posts! :D
  5. What the hell are we supposed to click on to make our post go? I clicked on save (and everything else) and I still go back in and see nothing but what Steve posted.
    What am I doing wrong?

    It seems to me that posting on a forum is MUCH LESS COMPLICATED!

  6. Oh...

    Click on the Publish button which is to the right of Save...

    It might be a little more compicated to post at the blog, but I felt the same way when I first started posting 3 years ago on forums. Once you spend some time posting and figuring which buttons to click it is just as easy.


    Go click on Publish...
  7. I haven't given up yet. I just went to look for the "publish" button. Still don't see it.

    Do I have to be using internet explorer? Or some Mac browser?
  8. Hey you know what... It could be my fault. Let me see if I gave you the wrong settings.
  9. I think I gave you the wrong settings. Sorry about that. Try it now...

    If that doesn't work let me know...
  10. SON OF A ..... It actually worked! Thought I was going over the dam, for a few minutes.

    Steve, don't be playing with my little mind, I can become unstable around computers.....