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Goose season opened here last Thursday and that seemed like a good reason to take a day off. We (Billy, myself and John / Special Forces Ft Bragg first goose hunt) had permission to hunt a freshly cut cornfield and it seems we were not the only ones because a couple of jokers pulled up and parked in the middle of our set up with 5 minutes till legal shooting time. After a little bit of a discussion they set up about 200 yards away in the tree line along the edge of the field. There was another group of guys on the field as well. They we’re a fair distance so we didn’t think they would bother us but little did we know. First flock flew by without giving us much of a look. Second flock came in circled our decoys but continued on towards the other end of the field where those guys dropped 2 geese. A few minutes latter another flock was up off the lake and heading on a course that would take them well away from the field and the set up. We used flags and calls to turn them and they were coming in on a line. What a pretty sight in the early morning light to watch these birds flipping to slow down and hit our spread. Wings cupped 40 yards out and closing when the sound of gun fire from the other end of the field where the guys are chasing and shooting cripples. Needless to say our flock flared and hauled butt. We did drop 2 but another 30 seconds we would have had more. We had one more flock after that but they were to high.
I worked Friday but Saturday found us in a hayfield the geese were using heavily. The first flight was a bit late most likely because of some fog but we heard them long before we saw them. It was perfect, they circled our set up 3 times and then began to drop. We got 5 out of that flock. We had 4 more flocks come in and we laid them out. It was a great hunt I got my limit (5) and we got John hooked on goose hunting.

Me with Some Geese

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