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Drought conditions

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As I was driving by a local river today, I couldn't help but notice that the water level was way below normal. Having waited a few years for a good beechnut crop, I am concerned how this lack of rain will effect the nut production this fall, both beech in the north and acorns in the south.
As a deer hunter this is always a concern to me.

What are your thoughts on this ?
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I have always tried to follow the feeding habits of deer through the summer and on into the fall. Apples, acorns and beechnuts are probably the ones I concern myself with the most.
Up until recent years, I don't remember there ever being much of a beechnut crop since I was a kid growing up. I still remember my first taste of beechnuts when my father showed them to me.
Many times I have seen a lot of shells with very little meat inside the beechnuts.
There are several factors that will affect a nut crop and drought is one of them.
How extensive is this drought as far as the northeast is concerned?
I think it is only certain small areas, not the entire north east. I can tell you though, I have been watering my lawn like there's no tomorrow for over a week and it is still drying up on me.
Maybe I should dig a new well, closer to the neighbors property. :D
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