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I was wondering about something and I certainly don't claim to be a biologist. I remember about maybe 15 years or longer ago, I was hunting an area that was somewhat unfamiliar to me. There was about four inches of snow on the ground that had been there for maybe 3 or 4 days.
This particular day, it was warming up and the snow was beginning to melt. I was kind of roaming around the area scouting it out more than hunting. I crested a small knoll amongst the small fir trees and stepped into a relatively clear area.
The entire area as far as I could see (about 30 yards) was trampled in deer tracks and I spotted several deer beds without looking around too much. What caught my attention and this is something I have never seen before nor since was the ground all around me had too numerous to count spots of blood. They had been there long enough for the blood to disperse out and into the snow. It also appeared to be mixed in with places that were easily distiquished as urination spots.
I took some time examining this and I believe I was correct in my assumption that this was not an externally injured deer making the blood. It really seemed to be most prominant like I said in the urine spots.
Of course blood looks quite magnified in white snow but my question is this:
Do does bleed that much during estrous?
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