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Exploding Targets

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Are there any target shooting ranges in your area that offer exploding targets? It seems to be the rage and is catching on in a lot of places. In some states, Idaho is one, they have distance competitions with some pretty impressive blow-up targets.

700 yard hit on a brick of nitro and you know it!
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We just use milk jugs or similar with coolaid or jello in them. They explode when hit also.
do you mean BoomerShoot, Kent?

you can buy a kit to make your own exploding targets
Maybe! This article I was reading told of a guy in Idaho who was licensed by the federal goobermint to build bombs - essentially.

So he builds them suckers out of TNT or whatever. He's a regular pyrotech geek. I saw a video on it once. If I can find it I'll post a link
I shoot home made steel swinging targets a lot with my rim fires. I like to keep a paint can handy to hit it with once in a while makes it just like a new target.

If one of those cans sits a little too long then it won't spray and those are kind of interesting to shoot. Hit it near the bottom and the remaining paint spins it in circles like a fireworks whizz bang and it's pretty impressive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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