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Extended bow hunt

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Anyone here been out during the extended bow hunt and had any luck? What's the prognosis? Are the deer plentiful, healthy? what's the feed like? We all want to know.
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Extended Archery Season

I've been only twice and seen no deer, but it's been quite warm. Front went through this morning so I'll go out after work and see. If I'm still seeing nothing, it may be time for a new "strategery".
Apple trees are LOADED, as well as oaks and beechnuts. I have been dropping another batch of trees this week and I'm getting bombed with acorns and b-nuts. I go there in the morning and there are tracks all over the place.

As far as deer go, I am seeing more and more 'one doe, two lambs' in the fields just after daybreak. The bucks I was filming have disappeared.

I don't hunt extended season but I am in the woods a lot.
Just about half mile from my house there is an apple tree I walk (or jog believe it or not) by each night. The tree is about 200 yards from 95 and that tree is LOADED with apples. There was a guy out one night rolling apples down the hill so his dog could chase after them. He told me he saw a young buck out under that tree one morning.

Ithaca37 knows what tree I am talking about...
Hey, Jack,

Them bucks must have pulled out the ole pocket calendar and took a peek! Figured it was getting about that time to go hide.

According to what wildlife biologists say, the second year following a mild winter with ample food, etc., often more does will give birth to twins. If what you are saying Jack is true, then does that reasoning follow suit with winters Maine has had?
I personally believe that if there is plenty of food in the fall, ( there was last year in places) Does will conceive twins. A mild winter allows the Does to stay healthy, therefore fawns will drop in excellent shape to survive.
Our deer herd should be in super shape with the mast crop we have now.

Yes, I agree.
Its about that time that the bucks seam to disappear, and with the great mast crops that Jack's talking about there isn't much need to expose themselves in the open.
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I've been out hunting quite a bit when the season was still young.....I hunted Auburn....One week i saw 5 different bucks....2 4 points, 2 five points, and an 8 point...I saw a few does as well....There does appear to be lots of deer this year....I think its gonna be a field year this year....I haven't seen the acorns that we saw last year....there are some but scattered around....beechnuts look good this year though....the apples are scattered also.....

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Here's a 5 point i killed.....
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Nice looking young buck there Willy! Congrats!
Thanks for the update and what your thoughts are. Hopefully it will others heading out the door.
in my area the acorns were few and far between, there were a lot of beech shells but most were empty. the apples were pretty good but the spot i hunted last night had none on the ground and only a couple left in the trees. for the mild winter and green spring we had i have been disappointed about the number of deer i've seen this year. actually havent seen any while hunting but have seen a total of ten near my truck when i come out.
Uhwh Warehouse
The Ten Point Returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went out to feed the horse this evening and was scanning the back to see if any deer were out . . .

The ten point just appeared at the back gate! He stood there for a few minutes, then jumped the four foot high sheep fence with little effort. He fed along the back fence and right under my 25' high stand. By this time it was getting fairly dark and the horse was having a fit for her hay so off I went.

Think I'll be in that stand tomorrow!
Hit him where you missed him the first time, Jack!!:roflmao: Good luck! I would love to see at least a picture of this guy. Is he heavy?
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