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  1. Christmas eve we will be hosting a good number of our family members at our house, just as we do every year.
    There's always a lot to do getting everthing ready, and this year I had extra duty. The weater we have had over the last two weeks left a thick layer of ice in my driveway, I have been covering it with salt for three days in an attempt to soften/break it up a bit.
    Well I just got done chopping and shoveling, and I have it about 3/4 clean.
    I hope the warmer weather will take care of the rest of it before sat. eve..
    How about the rest of you.
    Are you expecting company? and are you busy getting things prepared for your Christmas visits?
  2. kenton6

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    We have daughter and granddaughter coming tomorrow. I'm cooking a big turkey dinner. Plan to eat around 3.
    No ice or snow in Florida I am happy to say but yes, I am trying like heck to get my work done today so I can stay away from it for a couple of days.

    By the way. Merry Christmas LJ and to everyone else at Maine Hunting Forums.

  3. Moose


    Driveway is clear here :p But then again it was 55' today. :lol: The pond we duck and goose hunted was covered with ice this morning which made it hard. No family coming over but we do have a few gathering around the area here to go to. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

  4. No ice here in Gawja!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone here at daughters in from college,and friends stopping by for snacks and festivities.....a little rain, and in the 50's this morning.................Hunting for deer in the morning...Life is Good in Georgia...( thank the Good Lord)..Merry Christmas to All-------------..GA MOOSE